Get out of everyday life with that special person for you and live a unique experience at Isla Roots.

We know that love moves the world and that is why we do everything with great affection in our hostel, so that our guests feel at home. With us there will be no shortage of adventures, much less adrenaline, here you will find a little of everything.

We have a wide variety of activities for you to do with your partner, and then we will introduce them to you:

Start the day with a meditation

Our facilities are very cozy and peaceful, ideal for practicing Yoga. Choose with your partner the best place to connect with nature and yourself. Renew the vibes and enjoy your little moment.

Nautical Activities

We are located in the Archipelago of San Bernardo, which means that we have enough maritime space to carry out some activities that will make you feel adrenaline and love for the marine world.

The sports that take place in our hostel are the following:

-Kayak: ideal to do as a couple and to be able to manage the time to your liking.
-Paddle board: although it is an activity that is done individually, it is a pleasant moment trying to maintain balance in the water.
Snorkel & Swim: swim close to the fish and create a relationship with the sea, adapt to it and just enjoy.
-Scuba Dive: dive into the depths of the ocean with that person who makes you happy, watch and be amazed at the underwater world. It is a spectacular activity.
-Artisan Fishing: the adventure of fishing is very special when you are on the beach. You can catch your dinner, so go ahead and catch a big fish.
-Boat Trip: sail along the Titipán and Múcura beaches, with good music and beautiful landscapes.

Challenge your partner

We have a games area where you will get a ping pong table that also turns into a pool table. Likewise, board games so that they can move to any part of our hostel.

In another part of Isla Roots you will find the sports area, you can play volleyball and soccer. Having fun is one of the most important things to the Roots family.

End your day with sunset

In the comfort of our hammocks and water swings you can enjoy the sunset, while you cool off with one of our delicious drinks.

By the way, in this place of our hostel the photos as a couple are fabulous, don’t forget, one of our workers will be able to help you take it.

Start your night

Roots Island nights don’t end quickly. In our bar you will find a variety of fabulous cocktails, as well as you can enjoy live music at the same time, and dance by the sea with your soul mate.

At the hostel we try to create different activities for our guests to have fun and have unique experiences, so we assure you that they will have an incredible time.

We know that travelers seek adventures to discover something new about themselves in each one of them and with Isla Roots you will be able to make it possible. We wait for you.

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