Isla Roots: Stories of the sea

Isla Roots: Stories of the sea

And there we went, in a boat in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, heading to a paradisiacal destination, which was a dream for several months and now it is coming true. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the sun and the breeze introduced us to what would be our next days.

After spending half the course on the boat, we could observe how the tones of the water were changing, going from deep blue to turquoise and crystalline waters, quite a spectacle. We started to see corals and that only meant one thing, we were entering the San Bernardo archipelago.

At last we arrived and just with a glance we realized that our expectations had been fully met.

Human warmth was felt from the entrance; the staff in charge very kindly showed us the facilities of the hostel. In our head we could only think of changing our clothes, going to the beach, having a cocktail and watching the sunset, which was one of the best we have ever seen.

Our second day began at 5:30 am with a beautiful sunrise that greeted us and with this we began a day of many adventures. We started our way to the deep sea, since our first activity was worth it, snorkeling, there we could observe a variety of fish and sea stars, it was really beautiful.

After this, we made a boat trip around the entire archipelago, where we got to know the different islands that make it up and arrived at the islet of Santa Cruz, the well-known most populated islet in the world where we spent a while with the islanders and got to know a little more. about their way of life.

Night was falling, time was ticking, and our stay was ending. The night was magical, starry and most importantly, we were together sharing experiences in one of the most amazing places we have ever visited.

At dawn, we packed everything in our suitcases, and enjoyed a few last hours before leaving. The plans that they handle in the hostel, their exquisite cocktails and those hammocks that sway you with the waves made the stay the best.

Our experience was the best, it is definitely one of those places we will always return to. They say that you always return to the places where you were happy, and that was Isla Roots for us, a magical and perfect place.

By: Alejandro Ocampo

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