My roots experience

Arriving at a house in the middle of the sea and the Archipelago of San Bernardo is a dream that not only Colombians have, if not everyone.

We were a group of 16 travelers who had the mission of going to give a Christmas to all the children of Santa Cruz del Islote and Isla Roots was one of our most incredible and strategic allies to be able to fulfill it.

What we did not know is that not only the children were going to make us fall in love, but also the paradise that we were going to find after achieving the goal.

A mixture between sea breeze, sunset with shades and gradients of oranges, reds, and yellows, a beer on the dock speaking all possible languages ​​and the waves hitting the feet, I dare say, which is what everyone today After all this time at home, we want to live and repeat.

And it is that the hosts are not strangers to any guest, the reality of everything is that they are a family, they are the #FamiliaRoots. And I would like to say that one feels at home, but no. You feel better than home because that means traveling. (Also, who has the Caribbean Sea as their home garden?)

After a while, even being a week, it is impossible to describe in such a short space the experience that we live in this eco-paradise, it is very difficult to unite all the feelings and joys that can only be experienced in three days.

And yes, if you are from Colombia, China, Germany, or Iceland it is worth even the slightest bounce of the boat to get here.

By: Carlos Zorrilla


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