We know that for our future guests it is extremely important to know approximately how much they will spend on their trip, so we decided to make them aware of the value of our food, drinks, tours and activities.

Our food

The seasoning of the coast is unique and nobody can say otherwise. At Isla Roots we care about our customers, that is why our food is totally fresh, obtained by trusted fishermen, who have been in this work for years and have a lot of experience.

In our hostel we try to vary the menu and provide our guests with exquisite food dishes, because traveling is also synonymous with delighting the local gastronomy.

You will be able to enjoy breakfasts at a value of $ 15,000 pesos, so that you start the day with energy and strength, since in our hostel there is no day that you cannot find something to have fun with.

Do you like sea food? If so, thanks to the daily fishing we can provide you with a wide variety of products for lunch or dinner. Our plates can contain:

-Lobster which has a value of $ 80,000 COP.
-Cangrejo at a price of $ 60,000 COP.
-A fabulous octopus for $ 50,000 COP.
-Fish at only $ 30,000 COP.

We also managed the lunch of the day which brought soup-main course-non-alcoholic drink.

We know that there are many visitors who maintain a strict diet or simply do not eat animals, that is why we create vegetarian dishes, so do not worry, we think of all tastes. We have fruits, salads, vegetables among others.
If you are one of those people who like a mid-afternoon snack, we have some for you to take away that craving. You will find cookies at $ 3,000 COP; our dessert of the day $ 10,000 pesos and with $ 1,000 COP you can buy a Jet chocolate bar.

It is important to remind our guests that the entry of food or beverages into the Isla Roots establishment is prohibited, since the local economy depends on tourism and fishing. This is a hostel rule.

Cool off at Isla Roots

Beach, sun and sand a perfect combination, and nothing better than to complement it with a cold drink for the heat.

Do not miss our 2×1 in cocktails, for a value of $ 30,000 pesos. Enjoy a margarita, piña colada or mojito in front of the sea and good music.

We have non-alcoholic cocktails for a value of $ 10,000 pesos. Beer brands such as: eagle; Costeñita and Club Colombia.

If you come with your partner or patch of friends and want a little more quantity, we offer you bottles of:

-Red wine at $ 160,000 COP.
-Gin at $ 130,000 pesos.
-Ron Medellín at $ 100,000 COP.
-Aguardiente $ 90,000 pesos.

Below you can find more drinks that you can enjoy during your stay in Roots Island.

Our hostel has adequate spaces to have drinks and to eat. They are cozy and designed so that you can spend a pleasant time alone or with company. Dare to experience it.

Enjoy our activities

In Isla Roots you will not get bored at any time, since we have activities that will make you feel freedom, connection with nature and above all, tranquility.

We have several activities and likewise we handle different time periods of each one of them. Do you want to know the marine world?

-For only $ 20,000 pesos you can swim closer to the fish with the snorkeling activity.
-Subwing will also give you the possibility to see what is hidden under the sea of ​​the San Bernardo archipelago, for a value of $ 20,000 COP 1 hour.

If you are looking for tranquility and want to see the sunset in the middle of nowhere, these are some activities you can do:

-Kayak at a value of $ 20,000 pesos.
-Paddle Board is another option, to acquire the board you only have to pay $ 40,000 pesos 3 hours.

At Isla Roots we want you to enjoy and live experiences of great value. So take a look at our activities menu and just tell us which one you want to do.

Get to know the Archipelago of San Bernardo

We do not want you to go to your routine without having lived the greatest experiences in our hostel, so we bring you tours so that you know a little more about this place.
If you come when there is a new moon you can make the Bioluminescent Plankton, which has a value of $ 40,000 pesos per person. It is an incredible activity that is done at night.

Are you bored of always being on the same beach? You can visit Playa Múcura or Playa de Tintipán, which are approximately 10 minutes from the hostel. This day trip has a cost of $ 25,000 pesos.

You can also visit the beach in Mística Island, it is a little removed from the island, however it is a plan that we recommend. The value is $ 60,000 COP.

We have several tours for you, you just have to come to Isla Roots.

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