The ocean is a wonderful creation; The tranquility and peace that it transmits is unique, that is why it is the most touristic place in the world. Who does not love to sit on the beach, feel the sand and the sun on the body?

Isla Roots is a hostel that seeks to take care of the environment and at the same time, provide guests with a place to connect with nature and with themselves. We are always constantly changing so that our guests feel comfortable and at home.

We are located in the San Bernardo archipelago and here you can enjoy various maritime activities, which are divided by sectors, so that you have a good experience, and above all you are always safe.


Also known as boating, it is a sport that can be practiced alone or in pairs. The elements that are used are: a length and some oars. To do kayaking you just have to sit in the boat and paddle to your goal.

If you want a quiet plan and you want to get to know the island at your own pace and in total freedom, this is an activity in accordance with it.

Snorkel and Swim

To carry out this sport you only have to put on a mask which has a tube with which you can breathe. You can navigate alone or accompanied, we assure you that it will be a very pleasant and enriching experience for you.

This activity takes place near Isla Roots and likewise, on the Titipán and Mucura beaches, this can be decided by you.


Scuba dive

Diving into the water has never been so fun and exciting. Seeing the underwater world is one of the adventures that everyone wants to do when they are on the beach.

Diving is one of the most renowned sports worldwide; for this you need a larger equipment such as: fins, oxygen bottle, mask and diving tube.

In Isla Roots this activity is carried out far from the island, where there is greater depth and you can better observe fish, corals, among others.

Paddle board

In various parts of the world it is called Stand Up Paddle Surf or Stand Up Paddle Surfing, it is a sport originating in Poland and at the time it was a means of transport.

This activity is done individually and consists of the person standing on a surfboard and trying to maintain balance while moving through the water with the help of a paddle.

One foot of the navigator is tied by a rope to the table, with this you can feel more secure. Remember that the correct posture to avoid falling is to have your legs slightly open.

Artisan Fishing

The archipelago of San Bernardo has a great variety of fish, that is why we carry out the fishing activity. It is an activity that requires time and patience, but it is enjoyed and learned at all times.

Boat Trip

For the whole family it is an unmissable plan. With this activity, guests will be able to know:

-El Islote Santa Cruz, which is 5 minutes from the hostel.
-The Titipán and Mucura beaches, where each one is located 10 minutes from Isla Roots.


It is not a sport that is performed all the time on the island and can only be performed in Rosario Islands, however when guests wish to do so we can reach an agreement to fulfill this dream.

Kitesurfing is carried out by means of a traction kite that allows you to slide on a board over the water. The best times for this activity are between December and March, when the wind is very favorable.

Remember that in all our activities the use of life jackets is mandatory.

In Isla Roots the adrenaline and the adventures do not end, you are cordially invited to be part of the Roots family.

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