What is luminous plankton and when can you see it in Roots Island?

What is luminous plankton and when can you see it in Roots Island?

The marine world increasingly impresses us with its majesty and immensity; And although we still do not know much about what is hidden under so much water, we are amazed to find that there are small living beings creating incredible scenarios.

Anyone is terrified of entering the beach late at night, however, the ocean hides wonderful secrets that only occur in this part of the day and one of them is the luminous plankton. Perhaps you have never heard of it, but it occurs in various places in the world such as: Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

It’s about single-celled algae that feel like they’re in danger, yes that’s how you read it! and at the moment of believing that their life is in risk they emit luminous flashes that create a beautiful effect. This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence and it is an amazing sight.

The most curious thing is that not only are there glowing algae, but there are mushrooms or firefly squid that produce the same result.

What can you observe when this effect occurs?

At the moment the phenomenon begins, the sea stops looking black due to the little light at night and highlights a fluorescent turquoise color, which is even more prominent with the movement of the waves.

On several occasions, small algae residues are dislodged to the shore, and this allows a better visualization of the effect, in addition to the mixture between the sea and the sand they achieve a beautiful work of art.

Have you seen photographs in social networks where the sea is quite illuminated? Well, they are not artificial lights that place them under the ocean, it is the luminous plankton.

Best time to see this wonderful event

Without a doubt, it is an experience that must be done, and at Isla Roots you can do it very easily, since we have a large space to carry out this activity successfully.

This phenomenon cannot be seen clearly at any time, it is necessary that the night is quite dark, that is, when there is a new moon. At that time of the lunar cycle the luminescent effect will be 100% suitable to be presented to the public.

Did you know that Puerto Rico won a Guinness Record Award for having the brightest bioluminescent bay on Earth? Which is located on the island of Vieques (Mosquito).

Do not miss this opportunity, it is time for you to connect with nature, find something new in it and live the experience of luminous plankton, which really does not occur anywhere. Prepare your calendar, find when there will be a new moon and visit us. We will help you have the best luminous plankton experience.

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